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Spotify left a lot to be desired, so I put my library in Deezer to trial. Deezer seems like the clear winner. This tool will import your library from Rdio in to Deezer.

The tool is not a product. Its a manually ran process to get the job done. Could it be wrapped in a GUI and be made for the less technical? Sure. But thats not my need. I developed it very quickly to get going on new music services. Use at your own risk, change however you like, make a product, etc..

Requirements: PHP, Deezer, Rdio

How the tool works:

  1. Authenticate with Rdio app. Get the access token.
  2. Exports “Artist|Album” combination in to a CSV file.
  3. Parse each row of the CSV to lookup artist on Spotify.
  4. Fetch the artists albums.
  5. Compare each album name to the Rdio album name. I used the Levenshtein algorithm to compare album names for similarities. A good match is anything 3 or below. You could alter this to be less strict.
  6. If an album matches, add it to the Spotify library.

Using the tool:

  1. Create your own Rdio app. Fill in the details in includes/conf.php.
  2. Visit rdio-auth.php in a browser. Get your accounts access token.
  3. Put the access token in includes/conf.php.
  4. Run rdio-export.php.
  5. Verify your favourites in data/library.csv.
  6. Create a Deezer app. Fill in the detaila in includes/conf.php
  7. Visit deezer-auth.php in a browser. Get your account access token and put in includes/conf.php.
  8. Run deezer-import-library.php
  9. Bonus: Run deezer-fav-artists.php to favourite your artists!

Download the source: https://bitbucket.org/bmilleker/rdio-2-deezer

Feel free to contact me for additional guidance or help.

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