WifiGarage was developed out of necessity. The garage door openers of my house were inoperable / broken, but the garage door motor itself was in great working condition. I developed a hardware solution that attached to the garage door switch wiring, and when triggered would toggle the switch using a relay.

The hardware was built around Arduino, AsyncLabs Wifi Shield, and my own relay circuit. iOS and Android applications were developed to communicate with the hardware solution. The communication was done via HTTP, and used my own token based authentication for security.

Further to my personal need of WifiGarage, I documented the process of building the hardware, and developed a code generator for public usage. The Android and iOS applications were available for free via the Google Play Store, and the Apple AppStore.

WifiGarage has been discontinued. If you are interested in the codebase, or the instructions to build your own. Please contact me. 

Note: A couple businesses in the US made offers to buy the “product” in entirety.

Technology: Arduino Wiring, Objective-C, Java, HTML, AsyncLab Wifi Shield

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