SearchUsed was developed for efficiency process. I was tired of searching through multiple classified websites looking for cars, parts, etc. The web app allows you to enter your keywords, and select your cities or provinces to search, and it will return the relevant ads sorted by date posted. This is immensely useful when searching daily.

The technology is very simple, using the publicly available RSS feeds. However, I developed it in a way that allowed me to easily add (or remove) classified websites.

I have rewrote the application multiple times, in multiples of PHP frameworks. Unfortunately, none of them have been released. The current production version was built using CakePHP framework, MySQL database, with JS, HTML and CSS frontend.

Note: Craigslist lawyers had sent me an cease and desist letter to remove their website from SearchUsed results.

Technology: PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS

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